OMG! FIFA World Player Faces 2.6 million€ Fine &5-year in Jail?!

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According to the "World News" and "Daily Mail" report, Luka Modrić, the winner of the World Cup Golden Ball and the UEFA Men’s Player of the Year award is in great trouble recently because of the tax evasion! What’s going on?

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2.6 million Euros penalty & 5-year imprisonment?!

According to the latest report from the Spanish newspaper Le Monde, Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modrić admits that there is tax fraud. In order to avoid jail, he has paid 2.6 million euros in Spain to evade taxes.

However, even if he has honestly paid the penalty, he is still not completely rid of the five-year imprisonment for helping people with financial perjury.

Luka Modrić

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Justice has long arms.

Many fans feel that the Luka Modrić is really unlucky recently!

Why can it be detected after a few years? How is the overseas income found?

Because of CRS! 

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Once the CRS information exchange is carried out, it is not accidental that the magic flute tax evasion is investigated and fined.

For Example

If you have 100 million financial assets in Germany, the Chinese tax authorities did not know at the beginning, but since China and Germany have joined the CRS, Germany exchanges your financial products and insurance financial assets every year with the Chinese tax authorities. 

Then the Chinese tax authorities know that you have 100 million assets in Germany. The annual income of 8 million profits generated by this part of the assets needs to be taxed according to the law! However, if these profits were not paid tax before, you would face penalty now.

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Under the new CRS rules of the international community, business owners, especially those in the foreign trade business, must be involved. What should we do?

Many foreign trade owners and overseas HNWIs are shocked to hear of CRS, but the reality is not that bad. To reassure our friends, Ms. Nico, the co-founder of HACOS, who has more than 10 years of experience in foreign trade finance and taxation, will analyze for you.